Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is now official: Introducing Zachary Thibo Harrod!

Well, it is finally complete. On Wednesday, December 17th, we had our court hearing to finalize our adoption of Zachary. Zachary is officially our son now! YEAH!!!! It took nearly nine months to complete the process, but Zachary is officially Zachary Thibo Harrod!

We are so pleased to have this process over! In the back of our minds we always had that fear of "what if his birth mother changes her mind and wants him back" or "what if his Native American tribe decides they want custody of him and get involved in the process". As we were waiting outside the court room for the hearing to begin, our lawyer shared with us a few stories of exactly these two incidents happening and pretty much scared us to death! Next time, I hope he waits until after the court hearing! Thankfully though, the court hearing went very quickly and was painless, taking only about ten minutes.

We are extremely excited to have this process wrapped up before Christmas so we can enjoy our first Christmas together as a family! The joy Zachary has brought us is truly beyond words! His little smile, happy giggle or ear piercing playful scream truly remind us that the past seven years have been worth the wait! We finally have the son we always dreamed of and the family we have prayed for every night! Now we are just going to sit back and enjoy the holidays! Because this Spring, we start the process all over again!! :)

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Bekks said...

Congratulations on the adoption of Zachary! Babies are such a gift and we pray God gives you the strength to raise this little guy!

Best wishes,
Rebekkah (Liedl) Stewart