Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 Months Old Already!

Wow, how the time is flying by! Zachary will be 8 months old this Saturday, November 22nd. It is amazing to think back to the first week Zachary came into the world and was a whopping 3 pounds 12 oz. He was so small! Some of the pictures above give you an idea of the struggles he had when he first came into this world. He had around 8 different wires attached to his body at one time to measure his vitals and was laying in the little incubator bed to keep warm with the heat lamps on in order to keep his body heat up. His monitor was constantly going off and scaring us to death as his heart rate would drop or spike suddenly and his Oxygen levels would also drop without warning (usually because he pulled off his wire). He was also fed through a feeding tube going through his nose into his stomach.

Those were such scary times! It's truly incredible how far the Z-man has come in the last eight months. He seemed like a little doll in the NICU for those first six weeks and now he is such a little man! :) You were the size of a football at 3 pounds 12 oz, and now you are 14 pounds 10 oz and getting ready to play football! Keep growing buddy!

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